Sports Artificial Grass

PRO football gTAL50

Football GT1502

tennis/basketball artifical grass

pRO Football GT50

Football GT1503

hockey/baseball artificial grass

football gT1501

Nonfill Football Artificial grass

Multifunctional artificial grass

Production method: Tufting process, 3/4” or 3/8” gauge.            
Pile fiber: Domestic/Euro Shape bicolor monofil+ bicolor pp rootzone 
Pile height: 10-50 mm (+ 1 mm)   
Pile weight:       1350-2850 gr/m2 (+ 50 gr/m²)   
Stitches per m¹:           120-220  (+ 10)    
Rows per m¹ width:            52.5/105   
Stitches per m²:               + 12700  -22880
Primary backing (double):  Double pp backing, colour black, UV stabilized, add with  reinforced open cell net backing, colour white, UV stabilized,weight,  300gr/m2     
Secondary backing:             SBR Latex, 1.000r/m²    (+ 100 gr/m²)   
Total construction weight:    1000-3650 gr/m2  (+ 100 gr/m²) 
Color(s):              Green /Four tone/Brown
Color fastness:               Blue scale >=7, Gray scale >=4   
Tuft bind:                + 40‐45 Newton   
Waterpermeability:              + 60 Ltr/ m² / min, tested unfilled 
Roll width:              1M/2M/3.85M/ 4M/5M 
Roll length:               25M/requied 

Sports artificial grass can be applied to the following venues: stoppers, rugby, hockey, baseball, cricket, tennis, basketball, golf, putting greens, ski runs, multi-purpose venues and more.
Using artificial grass sports field, you can get the following: 1.365 days of uninterrupted use of artificial grass sports field for training, competitions and more. 2. No need to pay expensive maintenance costs. 3. Investing in sports artificial grass and football artificial grass is an objective investment.

Enjoy the sports artificial grass of your life