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Why Installation Garden Artificial Grass?

Why do more and more modern people like to install artificial grass?
Let’s unravel the mystery of artificial grass.

Start with the benefits of artificial grass.
You get more time with your family.
You don’t need to cut down on huge water bills.
You don’t need to be bothered by the rumbling mower noise.
You can enjoy the joy of green all the time.
Mud is no longer everywhere in your garden when it rains.
Your pet won’t dig a garden pit anymore.
Reduce the phenomenon of pollen allergy.
Add value to your property.

2. Is artificial grass safe?
Artificial grass has direct contact with the human body, so many users will consider the safety of artificial grass. We can judge from the raw materials of artificial grass. Artificial turf is made of non-toxic polymer materials, and bacteria, molds and viruses are difficult to parasite. Products made of polyethylene are used a lot in life, so artificial grass purchased from regular production factories is completely safe.
Artificial grass grass silk also needs to add a lot of anti-UV agents, anti-aging agents, color fixatives, flame retardants, masterbatches and other formulas, these additives are valuable and harmless.

3. Artificial grass shape / color.
There are many choices for the shape of artificial grass, such as W, S, C, U, V, stem, diamond, etc. The design of these shapes is based on imitating the shape of artificial grass, and the physical design reduces the area that artificial grass absorbs heat, and reduces artificial grass becoming hot in summer.

4.Lifetime of artificial grass.
The life of artificial grass is related to its quality and the frequency of use by users.
If the raw material of artificial grass is recycled material, or the amount of artificial grass silk is insufficient, it will affect the life of artificial grass. We supply garden artificial grass, football artificial grass generally has a service life of 5-8 years.
The traffic flow of artificial grass will affect the life of artificial grass. The life of artificial grass tested by our laboratory is 50,000 hours.

5 Artificial grass packaging.
Artificial grass can be cut into different shapes as needed.
General customers purchase 2 * 25/4 * 25 meters rolls, and then cut and help customers install artificial grass according to customer needs.
Or to meet some DIY customers, they will purchase small specifications of 1 * 1, 1 * 2, etc. and sell DIY artificial grass in the supermarket.

6. How to installation of artificial grass.
The installation of artificial grass is divided into garden artificial grass installation and sports field artificial grass installation.
The installation steps are similar, but the artificial grass installation accessories are not the same. At the same time, we supply artificial grass installation accessories.

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Why Installation Artificial Grass for sports?

1. What are the benefits of installing artificial grass on sports fields?
It can be used at any time, no need to consider winter weather to make natural grass yellow. After the rain, athletes can return to the artificial grass field as quickly as possible.
Can use artificial grass for a long time and high frequency
Artificial grass can be installed both indoors and outdoors, as no watering is required.
Artificial grass has extremely low maintenance costs, and you can enjoy football artificial grass and other sports artificial grass in 365 days.

2. What are the main cost components of artificial grass sports fields?
Foundation: Mud powder, crushed stone, cement, asphalt can all meet the foundation of artificial grass.
Artificial grass: economical or professional, can be matched according to the needs of use, you can contact our product consultants to obtain artificial grass system solutions.
Filling: quartz sand, SBR particles, TPE particles, wood chips, etc.

3. Application of artificial grass in sports fields.
American football, soccer, rugby, baseball, cricket, tennis, basketball, gateball, ice hockey, pistes, etc. can be installed with artificial grass sports fields.

artificial grass installation tool.

In order to facilitate customers’ one-stop shopping, we provide accessories for artificial grass installation. Artificial grass U-PINS, artificial grass weeding film, artificial grass connecting tape, artificial grass self-joining tape, artificial grass rake, artificial grass filling materials, artificial grass maintenance tools, electric artificial grass combing machine, etc

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Wholesale Artificial Grass

The birth of artificial grass is a human love for green. Several generations of artificial grass technology / process innovations and reforms provide better green scenarios for society and the environment. Synthetic grass is the best gift for harsh climates. Save more water for society, create more high-quality green environment, and bring more joy to life.
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Product manager

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