5 ways to maintain an artificial sports turf field

Tens of millions of artificial turf sports fields are constructed every year in the world. It is very important to prolong the service life of sports fields as much as possible through active and effective maintenance. Improper maintenance will seriously shorten the service life of artificial turf. According to the data obtained by the international professional sports field testing laboratory and FIFA, if the artificial turf field is not maintained enough or lacks maintenance, the increased wear, and tear of the product will lead to the early failure of the artificial turf field warranty, shorten the service life, and increase the number of sports activities. And many adverse consequences of the use of safety hazards.

Regarding the maintenance and maintenance of artificial turf fields, the following aspects can be carried out.

Basic requirements

Try to keep the site as clean as possible, erect a “no smoking” sign around the grass, do not allow motor vehicles and heavy objects to enter the sports field, reduce the number of cleanings, avoid cleaning when the temperature is high, set up enough trash cans, control the use of the site, and find small Damage should be repaired in time.

Cleaning and maintenance

1. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean paper, fruit shells, and other debris in time after the game.

2. Comb the grass seedlings with a special brush every two weeks to remove the dirt and leaves on the lawn.

3. Use a special target to level the quartz sand and rubber particles once a month or after frequent games (football field).

4. When it is hot in summer, you can spray the lawn with water to cool down, so as to make the athletes cool and comfortable.

The removal of stains

1. “Water-like” stains such as juice, milk, ice cream, and blood stains: first scrub with soapy water, then rinse the place with soapy water for a long time with clean water; if necessary, dry it with a strong absorbent towel.

2. Oily stains such as shoe polish, sunscreen oil, ballpoint pen oil, etc.: can be wiped with a sponge dipped in perchloroethylene, and dried with a towel with strong adsorption; nail polish: can be wiped with acetone.

3. Paraffin, asphalt, and asphalt: Wipe vigorously or wipe with a sponge dipped in perchloroethylene.

4. Paints, coatings, etc.: Can be wiped off with turpentine or paint, and decontaminated with detergent and water. Rinse the cleaner with cold water and wipe vigorously, using a sponge dipped in perchloroacetic acid.

5. Chewing gum: spray freon into small pieces and then remove the residue.

Fill maintenance

1. The scouring and cleaning of heavy rain will cause a small amount of filler loss. The place to be filled can be sprinkled with quartz sand, and rubber granules, and completely swept into the turf (football field).

2. Carefully check whether the suture is loose and whether there is damage, tearing, burning, etc. at the bottom of the entire turf. If you find a large area of ​​repair, you should contact the paving company in time.

Prohibited items

1. Smoking, setting off fireworks, and welding in the venue.

2. Throwing chewing gum, fruit peel snacks, fruit juice drinks, and oil stains on the field.

3. Cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles and heavy objects enter the site.

4. Use inappropriate shoes or sports machineries such as spikes and javelins.

5. Use chemical cleaners, herbicides and pesticides.

The maintenance and upkeep of the artificial turf field are a must. Proper maintenance of the artificial turf field can not only effectively prolong the service life of the field and make it meet the warranty requirements of the lawn builder and lawn provider, but also maximize the life of the artificial turf field. Beautify the appearance of the venue, improve sports comfort, ensure the quality and safety of various sports in the venue and reduce venue management risks.

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