One way to detect the quality of artificial grass yarn is good or bad

The price of artificial grass with the same parameters is different in the market. What is the reason?
This article helps you understand that there are old and new raw materials for artificial grass.

New material PE
The products produced from the new materials are generally colorless and odorless, with good luster, good elasticity, and very soft hand feeling, and the most important thing is hygiene and safety. The finished product of the new material has good mechanical properties such as tensile strength and good anti-aging performance.

old material PE
The sources of old raw materials are very extensive and complex. The products produced cannot guarantee hygiene and safety. The products are all colored, dull, rough in hand, poor in performance, and degraded in chemical properties such as anti-aging.

Yarn made from new material
After the new material is burned

Artificial grass yarn made from virgin PE
The new polyethylene (PE) is colorless, odorless, and has good luster. It can be made by adding a little color masterbatch. Due to less color masterbatch, after burning, only the color of virgin polyethylene is left.

Yarn made from old materials
After burning the old material

Artificial grass yarn made from recycled PE
Most of the old polyethylene (PE) materials come from medical waste, plastic cans, and wire sheaths. After smelting, residues are left, and the colors are mixed together, resulting in low gloss, so it needs to add a lot of color masterbatch to cover it up. Due to the addition of a large amount of color masterbatch, the color of the masterbatch cannot be volatilized by burning in a short time.

Through the above content, we know what kind of artificial grass to choose, right?

1. The artificial grass made of new materials is non-toxic, harmless, and free of heavy metals, which is more suitable for children and pets.
2. The artificial grass made of new material has no impurities, good luster, and softness, and is closer to natural grass after paving.
3. Artificial grass made of new materials has a longer life, is anti-aging, and does not fade.
4. The artificial grass made from the new material has better formulations of flame retardant, softener, anti-static, anti-aging, etc., which help to exert the performance of sports artificial grass.

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