How to find a good artificial grass manufacturer in China?

Our factory is a supplier of artificial turf for leisure and various sports venues. Over the years, our factory has produced tens of millions of square meters of artificial turf.

The factory has the world’s most advanced large-scale artificial turf weaving machinery, which is the introduction of the British COBBLE company and American MICROTEX company. Also has domestic supporting fully automatic artificial turf special finishing equipment. After unremitting efforts, on the basis of fully absorbing the advanced production technology of artificial turf from Europe and the United States, it took the lead in developing the first generation of monofilament grass, curved and straight mixed woven grass and high-density hockey, basketball courts special grass produced with domestic raw materials in China. Qualified mass production capacity has been formed.

The factory has passed the product quality certification of ISO-9001, 14000, and the National Sporting Goods Inspection and Testing Center, and its share in the domestic artificial turf market is increasing day by day. The products have been exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, and Australia. With its own improvement, the factory has become a domestic designated artificial turf manufacturer of artificial turf fiber of the world’s top 500 enterprises —— British BONAR Company. At the end of 2006, according to the needs of European and American customers, the company successfully developed a series of non-polluting and environmentally friendly high-end leisure artificial turf with domestic raw materials, which has been exported overseas in large quantities. At the end of 2008, it officially became an important partner of the Dutch Royal TENCATE in China.

Production management

 When our factory was established, it was determined to abandon the small workshop-style production model. On the premise of fully evaluating the domestic market, referring to the foreign large-scale production factory model, combined with the actual situation in China, we successively introduced large-scale artificial turf weaving equipment from abroad. , Dedicated artificial turf finishing equipment. The production level of the factory is close to the international standard from the beginning. The factory adopts the standard management parameters of the ISO9001-2000 quality system and ISO14000 environmental system, and almost all adopt the production standard of European artificial turf.

Adhering to product quality and product service, the factory has passed strict procurement quality control and strict quality control of the production process and is fully learning and absorbing the advanced experience of artificial turf manufacturers in Japan, Germany, and the United States. The factory adheres to the business philosophy of paying equal attention to product quality and product service, to meet the needs of customers as our production orientation and service tenet, and make unremitting efforts to make domestic artificial turf enter the domestic and international market on a large scale.

Quality assurance, the factory has always adhered to the policy of “quality first, customer first”. Since its establishment, the factory has taken the ISO9001 quality system as its management blueprint, and fully implemented standardized management. In February 2004, it passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and passed the ISO14000 environmental system certification in March 2004. The three major raw materials required for the factory production are all well-known brands at home and abroad, and the grass fiber and base cloth use the high-quality products of Yizheng Chemical Fiber and Bona, a joint venture of Yizheng Bona. The finishing glue is purchased from the Shanghai Gaoqiao factory of BASF, Germany. Strict quality control and production process control have enabled the factory’s products to reach the domestic first-class quality level, which is completely comparable to similar imported products.

Our commitment to making all users feel more at ease

With the gradual improvement of the quality of the factory’s products, since August 2003, the products have been exported to the Middle East, Europe, Japan, and the United States. At present, the factory’s products have passed the quality certification of the United States, Japan, and other national authoritative organizations, and have been recognized by local sellers. By the end of December 2007, the factory has exported more than 1 million square meters of artificial turf.

The factory products are sold with a detailed quality commitment letter. Consumers and distributors can obtain statutory consumer rights guarantees according to the content of the commitment letter. In addition, the quality of all products of the company is underwritten by the branch of the People’s Insurance Company of China. The purpose is So that all users can use it with more confidence.

Future development

Innovative products: We have an advanced scientific research team, self-developed pollution-free and environmentally friendly artificial turf, and provide unique “green” solutions for related sites. We will continue to uphold the spirit of cherishing natural resources, adhere to the practice of “clean production, green manufacturing”, and make continuous efforts in the direction of green research and development, pollution prevention, and continuous improvement.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The artificial turf we produce can be recycled and reused, which conforms to the low-carbon and environmentally friendly life concept and adapts to the sustainable development of the enterprise. We will do our best to build a more natural and healthier living environment for you.

Safety first: We always put safety production in the first place, and, as always, provide a strong guarantee for the safety of employees, property, and production. The factory actively implements the safety concept by strengthening safety supervision, implementing safety prevention, implementing safety training, and improving safety awareness, so as to control safety and health risks more effectively, aiming at zero disasters and making unremitting efforts for it.

Social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility – Social Responsibility is the First Responsibility of an Enterprise

Caring for employees: Employees are the cornerstone of the company’s development and the core of all enterprise management. Respecting employees, caring for employees, and helping them grow is the unshirkable responsibility of the enterprise. We attach great importance to talents, continuously invest in education and talent training, make career plans for each employee, and let employees grow together with the company.

Quality Commitment: The factory’s products are sold with a detailed quality commitment letter. Consumers and distributors can obtain statutory consumer rights guarantees according to the content of the commitment letter. In addition, the quality of all products in the factory is underwritten by the branch of the People’s Insurance Company of China. So that all users can use it with more confidence.

Social Welfare: Enthusiastic about social welfare undertakings, enthusiastically participating in charitable public welfare undertakings such as donating to schools, and disaster relief. In the future, we will lead more employees and devote more enthusiasm to engage in social welfare undertakings.

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