How to cool down the artificial turf surface?

How high can the surface temperature of artificial grass reach in hot summer? The KSL TV station in Utah, USA, has done the test.

First stop of the survey: Salt Lake City Liberty Park

Take out a temperature gun you bought at the hardware store and measure the temperature of the artificial grass surface on the spot. The highest temperature reached 85.6 degrees!

The second stop of the survey: a new park in St. George

In St. George, Utah, the temperature can exceed 43.3 degrees at its hottest. In a new local park, the temperature of artificial turf is almost sky-high – as high as 87.8 degrees!

Therefore, parents should pay attention and let their children wear shoes to play with! Do not let children crawl on artificial grass in the sun.

Survey stop 3: Multiple schools in Utah

The surface temperature of the turf at one school showed 177 degrees Fahrenheit, or 80.6 degrees Celsius.

It’s really hot! What problems can such high temperatures cause?

In the 1990s, a football coach punished his players for crawling on artificial turf, resulting in several blisters on the players’ hands (the coach was suspended for two games). It is reported that the temperature of the turf that day was about 54 degrees.

Facing the high temperature of artificial grass surface, countermeasures

Artificial grass has grown rapidly in recent years because it requires less maintenance than natural grass, can look good for a decade or more, and can be used for a variety of sports, with many advantages. However, in terms of high-temperature resistance, artificial grass is not as good as natural grass.

The surface temperature of artificial grass and natural grass will increase with the increase of ambient temperature, and the surface temperature of artificial grass will increase more than that of natural grass, and the maximum difference between the two can reach about 30 degrees.

To this end, some well-known domestic and foreign artificial turf manufacturers have made a fuss about technological innovation, in order to solve the problem of excessive turf surface temperature in summer.

At present, some factories can reduce the temperature of turf by changing the formula and structure of grass fiber. Compared with ordinary lawns, the lawn improved by this technology can be cooled by 20%.

The drop in temperature is considerable. There are also manufacturers that cooldown by applying new infills, such as the American artificial turf manufacturer. The company’s latest turf system uses a substance called ZeoFill to replace the traditional fillers of quartz sand and rubber granules. ZeoFill, an organic mineral used in water filtration systems and health food supplements, retains moisture and helps reduce the surface temperature of the site.

In addition, many sports fields also use auxiliary equipment to cool the field, such as water guns. A Utah school district spokesman said, “At present, the latest price of an artificial grass field is between 1 million and 1.2 million US dollars. Part of this money is used to cool the field before the game.” The field is equipped with water spray equipment. , can spray 225 gallons (about 852 liters) of water in one minute.

The temperature of the unwatered turf was measured at 54 degrees; in another area that was watered, the temperature dropped significantly to only 32 degrees. The cooling effect is obvious.

However, despite the precautionary measures, the power of the sun cannot be underestimated. Whether it is an adult or a child, try to avoid exercising outdoors on hot days to avoid dehydration and heat stroke.

As for some people’s concerns: Will artificial grass volatilize more chemicals on high-temperature days? The artificial grass raw material itself has no volatility, and there is no volatile matter even at high temperatures. The EU REACH has limited 170 hazardous substances, and the artificial grass supplied by MANGO SPORTS is produced according to this requirement.

The above data comes from public sports.

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