A few questions of artificial turf carpets ?

Regarding artificial turf carpets,most of us know the advantages of artificial grass, such as: easy care, high usability, comfortable feet, isolation of common pests in the garden, long service life.But do you have fews questions of Artificial turf carpets? The author sorts out the following issues of concern to many people: 1. Does the artificial […]

Do install backyard fake turf is good?

This article is the answer to your questions about fake lawn in your backyard. Q: Does anyone use fake lawn in the backyard? How do you feel? My backyard is very small, basically just a swimming pool surrounded by grass, but the irrigation system is broken, and I have been looking for various people to […]

Why people like using pet artificial grass.

How to give pets a comfortable environment has become a top priority for many pet lovers. Dogs prefer to play on soft lawns. Turf is unrealistic, and natural turf will be “bald” when trampled by dogs every day, and it will be damaged by dogs if it is not careful. Another problem with using natural […]

Can artificial grass be used in ski resorts ?

Skiing is a fast, exciting sport.Ski entertainment has always been popular with the masses; but there are seasonal, and regional.An artificial ski turf is disrupting the business model-breaking ski market. The background of artificial ski turf being researched Skiing is a competitive sport in which athletes put their skis on the soles of their boots […]

Is artificial grass the best material for your poolside?

Woman sunbathing on the poolside terrace.The hardscape area around a pool is called a wraparound deck, and although it’s not always made of wood or composite materials, like traditional outdoor decks, we often associate these decks with words. Traditionally, most above-ground pool decks are made of concrete. Other materials, such as pavers and brick, are […]