Do install backyard fake turf is good?

This article is the answer to your questions about fake lawn in your backyard.

Q: Does anyone use fake lawn in the backyard? How do you feel? My backyard is very small, basically just a swimming pool surrounded by grass, but the irrigation system is broken, and I have been looking for various people to repair it for a year, but I can’t fix it. I think about whether to replace it with fake grass (I personally like the yard with grass. Green color, so don’t consider changing to the ground or something). I’m just not sure, will it look very cheap, and it is said that summer is very hot, I usually don’t go there for a long time, that is, I will walk up there for swimming in summer.

A: Installing a fake lawn in the backyard is a very good choice, because it basically does not require maintenance and watering. The appearance of the fake lawn is close to or surpasses the natural grass, and its color is imitated according to different climates and regions. When shopping, choose some thick blades so your backyard will look amazing.
The temperature of most artificial grass will rise in the sun. Avoid swimming in the hot sun as much as possible

Q: I don’t know if it’s hot or not, but seeing neighbors using it, it’s really strange that the leaves fall on it. I don’t know how big the grass circle is, but you can consider adding plants to gravel, which is easy to maintain if it is green. Fake grass is green, but it always feels weird.

A: Yes, growing greenery is great. Fake lawn is always the best option if you don’t want to maintain it. Put a small piece of artificial grass on top of natural grass and it’s hard to tell the difference between artificial and natural. A fake lawn is a perfect chameleon.

Q: The front yard of a nearby house is paved, which is quite natural. It feels good to step on with shoes on, and it looks clean and tidy. I used to watch HGTV and it seems that some fake grass can seep water and breathe.

A: Yes, 99% of the people who installed the fake lawn are satisfied with the appearance and color, the stepping feeling is great, and the backyard can maintain vitality all year round.
There are two drainage methods for artificial turf on the market. The conventional one has about 60 drainage holes per square meter, and the other is a hollow design, and the drainage speed is more than three times that of the conventional one.

Q: I feel that this kind of lawn contains chemicals, and it is not good for children to play on it.

A: The raw material of artificial grass is plastic (PP, PE, PA), which is similar to life plastic products. Artificial grass on the market is almost free of harmful chemicals.
But when purchasing artificial turf, pay attention to the color of the artificial turf, whether it is bright, if it is turbid, or the color is very dark, it may be made of recycled materials, this is what you need to pay attention to.

Q: It will burn your feet in summer, but it saves water and is easy to take care of. My house was made by the previous owner because her dog ruined the lawn and it was impossible. I personally think that if the lawn is not well taken care of, the weeds and bald patches are ugly, so it is better to use fake lawn. If you just have a small area, I would recommend real grass.

A: What the author said is very true.

Q: The previous owner of my house put a small piece of fake lawn and it looks fine. The effect looks quite natural, not all green fake grass, and the sand is special anti-scald at the same time. If the fake grass comes according to the specifications, there are many layers underneath, and the water seepage should be fine.

A: Yes. Filling with sand is good for anti-scalding. This is a very good way.

Q: Did no one mention it? Fake grass is ridiculously expensive!

A: The initial investment of artificial grass is indeed higher than the price of natural grass. If calculated by the number of days, the maintenance cost of artificial grass in the backyard is very, very low.

Q: It also needs to be paved well. Some fake grass is lifted up, which is very fake and ugly.

A: Yes, it is recommended to find a local professional artificial grass installer with a good reputation to help complete the installation of the artificial grass in the front and rear yards.

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