How much does artificial grass cost per m2

Cost structure of artificial grass produced in ChinaThe cost structure of producing artificial grass in China varies depending on the manufacturer, product type and market demand, but generally speaking, the following are some of the main factors in the production cost of artificial grass:

Raw material cost:

Polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) fibers: The main component of artificial grass is usually polymer fibers, with PE and PP being common choices. The price of these raw materials has a direct impact on the final cost.

Backing material: Backings typically use polypropylene (PP) or latex. Different materials and quality levels affect production costs.

Coating materials: Coating materials used to enhance durability and appearance are also part of the cost.

Production process cost:

Tufting machine and labor costs: Tufting is the process of securing the fibers to the backing.

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