Fixed Lawn Garden Pegs Stakes for Netting Robust and Corrosion-resistant U-Shaped Nail Pins for Weed Tent Pegs Metal for Artificial Grass, Green Paint. (Green, 10PCS)

Item Package Quantity: 50/100/200

Size Name: 150mm/6″


In the installation of artificial turf, the role of pins (or fasteners) is crucial, serving several key purposes:

  1. Securing the Edges of Artificial Turf: Pins are used to secure the edges of the artificial turf to the ground, ensuring that the turf does not shift or slide. This helps maintain the overall shape and boundaries of the turf.
  2. Preventing Displacement: Pins anchor the artificial turf to the ground, preventing it from shifting or lifting during adverse weather conditions such as wind or rain. This helps ensure that the turf surface remains level and stable, providing a safe playing surface.
  3. Securing Seams: When installing multiple sections of artificial turf, pins can be used to secure the seams, ensuring that the turf edges align and fit tightly together, resulting in a more continuous and consistent surface.
  4. Providing Support and Stability: Pins firmly connect the artificial turf to the ground, providing support and stability to withstand the pressure of daily use and activities.

Overall, pins play a vital role in the installation of artificial turf, ensuring that the turf is securely anchored to the ground, providing a safe, level, and durable surface. Read More