How do you think the artificial turf in 2022

The use scenarios of recreational artificial turf are constantly enriched The application scenarios of recreational artificial grass are constantly enriched. In addition to replacing real garden grass and green grass, it can also be extended to replace carpets, bathroom mats, and doormats. For example, green wall decoration, wedding artificial turf, roof greening, balcony decoration, cafe […]

How do you think the artificial turf in 2022? (Sequel)

Spatial prediction of representative scenes: Synchronous penetration of artificial turf indoor and outdoor scenes 1. Estimated US yard usage Estimated US yard usageIn 2020, the US will sell 6.65 million new homes and 940,000 second-hand homes, totaling about 7.6 million units. Assuming that a single household uses a lawn of 30 square meters and is […]