How do you think the artificial turf in 2022

The use scenarios of recreational artificial turf are constantly enriched

The application scenarios of recreational artificial grass are constantly enriched. In addition to replacing real garden grass and green grass, it can also be extended to replace carpets, bathroom mats, and doormats. For example, green wall decoration, wedding artificial turf, roof greening, balcony decoration, cafe decoration, garden landscaping, pet leisure, municipal landscaping, park leisure lawn, and other home and business scenarios.

Solve the pain points, the practicality of artificial turf is greater than ornamental

We summarize the popular foundation of leisure grass: solve pain points, save time and improve efficiency

Time: 2 hours to start weeding in the garden, laborious

Hazards: Too much herbicide can cause pesticide residues to damage the soil

High Frequency: Weeding almost weekly, watering every 1-2 days, regular pest control

Difficulty: “overgrown with weeds”, invasive plants are difficult to distinguish from native plants, and different grass seeds are used in different seasons

High cost: Hight cost of weeding

Get out of the misunderstanding, the practical value of artificial leisure grass is more important than the ornamental value. The epidemic “accidentally” promoted the popularity of artificial turf overseas.

First, in 2020, people will be isolated and restricted at home, and products needed for gardening cannot be purchased frequently (herbicides, motor oil for weeding machines, etc.);

The second is to spend more time at home and pay attention to house decoration; the third is to hire people to take care of the garden because personnel restrictions cannot be achieved.

For example, the dog’s sports event held in June this year was held at Lyndhurst Manor in Tarrytown, New York. It was organized by the Westminster Kennel Club, founded in 1877, and used new artificial turf products from sponsor home depot for the first time. The benefits are obvious, such as stain resistance, easy cleaning, pull-out resistance, fast drainage, keep dog paws clean/dry.

In the post-epidemic era, we judge that artificial turf is still popular. With the increase in labor costs, the diversification of daily life entertainment can be used to control weeding, especially the young and middle-aged groups. The courtyard is replaced with artificial turf that is simple and easy to take care of while retaining part of the real turf to meet the human or social needs of being close to nature and biodiversity.

Taking saving water resources as the starting point, it forms an effective substitute for natural grass.

For example, in the United States, which has been extremely dry this year, according to CNN, about half of the United States is in abnormal drought or worse, and about 143 million people are affected (the total U.S. population is about 310 million). California’s Central Valley was one of the richest agricultural areas in the 20th century. Most of the groundwater was used for agriculture.

Excessive use not only caused the drying up but also caused the valley to sink and the ground to sink. For example, between 2013 and 2018, the wells in the Central Valley dried up as high as With thousands of mouths, parts of the valley sank by as much as 60 centimeters a year between 2012-2016. With too much consumption and too little rainfall, natural grass needs long-term watering and careful maintenance, and artificial grass can be an effective substitute for water shortage, especially in the case of extreme drought this year.

We selected some reviews of Amazon’s artificial grass products, and the key points include: “good quality, easy to match”, “non-slip”, “easy to install”, “softer than the impression”, “thick” and so on.

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