How to distinguish the quality of artificial turf

Generally speaking, the larger the value, the higher the thickness of a single grass filament, and the better the quality. The price and quality of artificial grass are directly related to the pound value (DTEX) of the grass silk. The pound value refers to the quality of single grass silk. The density of the grass itself. The unit of pound size is DTEX, also called decitex.

The form of artificial grass silk is divided into monofilament, mesh, and curved silk, and the number of artificial grass is divided into 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 (usually divided by even numbers).

The level of pounds directly affects the overall quality of the lawn and the length of its life. To put it simply, it is not easy to judge the pound value by simple visual inspection. When making an inquiry, you can ask for a quotation and provide the decitex and specific data of the grass to measure.

In addition to yarn, artificial turf also contains base fabric and adhesive. One of the artificial grass structures is the base fabric, which is divided into single and double layers. The double-layer base cloth will add a layer of mesh cloth under the PP base cloth to prevent the bottom of the lawn from breaking. Lawn back glue, apply a layer of lawn special glue on the bottom of the lawn to fix and protect the grass silk.

Artificial turf has different models and functions, including sports grass, leisure grass, and multi-purpose grass. Different types of turf, artificial turf weaves, needle distance, and grass density are different. For example, artificial turf on a football fields needs to add rubber particles, so the density will not be very high, but the number of decitex (DTEX) is higher than that of recreational artificial turf, and it is more resistant to severe friction and wears.

Artificial turf installers, wholesalers, and distributors are purchasing artificial turf, please choose a supplier of high-quality artificial turf that has undergone strict quality inspection, and its quality is guaranteed to a certain extent. Before high-quality artificial turf is manufactured, the grass yarn will be tested for anti-aging and anti-static. After testing, the artificial turf has strong anti-static and anti-aging properties, and has corresponding exponential friction; Flame retardant test, artificial turf has fire and flame retardant components, and the safety index meets international standards.

In addition, high-quality artificial turf does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals, and artificial turf has no pungent odor under the sun. The density of artificial grass should not be too low, and the pulling force of the grass should be checked during the process of drawing and refining. The pulling force of the grass should be strong, and the lawn with a weak pulling force will lead to a shorter life of the artificial grass. To sum up, artificial grass installers, wholesalers, and distributors choose factories with quality certification systems, product certification, and experienced and professional suppliers in artificial grass sales when choosing artificial grass supplier manufacturers.

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