Become a local agent

If you agree with the prospect of artificial turf and want to sell our products directly in your country or region, we can try to negotiate with us. As the world’s factory, China, with its highly mechanized production, mature technology, complete supporting factories and fast logistics, can provide products to everyone, every region, and the […]

The origin of artificial grass and its growth

The development of artificial grass has a history of more than 60 years. It first originated in the United States. At that time, because the natural grass under the roof could not grow, in order to solve this problem, artificial turf was developed. Since then, artificial turf has spread from the United States to the […]

Artificial turf market

Artificial grass has a low penetration rate and has a broad space for medium and long-term growth. At present, the penetration rate of artificial turf is still low: 1) The penetration rate of sports grass is less than 10%: Taking the artificial grass used in football fields as an example (accounting for 62% of artificial […]

What are the factors that make up the cost of recreational artificial grass?

Raw material floating, yarn function, yarn weight, and management cost make up the factory cost of artificial grass. Artificial turf is composed of three parts: grass yarn, adhesive and base fabric. The main raw materials are plastic particles, masterbatch, base fabric and raw rubber, all of which belong to the petroleum and petrochemical industries. The […]

Artificial grass is a good surface material business

The cost of using artificial turf is much lower than that of natural turf. The price of one-time input of natural turf is low, but the cost of daily maintenance is high; the cost of artificial turf is high in the early stage, but it can be used for a long time with one input. […]