What are the factors that make up the cost of recreational artificial grass?

Raw material floating, yarn function, yarn weight, and management cost make up the factory cost of artificial grass.

Artificial turf is composed of three parts: grass yarn, adhesive and base fabric. The main raw materials are plastic particles, masterbatch, base fabric and raw rubber, all of which belong to the petroleum and petrochemical industries. The fluctuation of raw materials will affect the price.

Artificial grass yarn has different functions such as anti-static, flame resistance, antibacterial, anti-UV/UA, anti-aging, etc., so the price is different.

The weight of artificial grass yarn means the amount of material, and the weight of grass yarn is composed of density, grass height and dtex. The higher the density, the higher the grass height and the higher the dtex, the higher the price.

The cost of artificial grass is also affected by factory production management and company market operations.

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