Hockey Artificial Grass

Hockey artificial turf is completely different from the football artificial turf that we are familiar with. Due to the characteristics of hockey, its turf must meet the requirements of good water retention, water permeability, strong wear resistance, excellent flatness, and anti-aging. And weather resistance, as well as high grass density, non-directional, always maintaining the direction of movement of the ball, and so on. There are also many requirements for the laying process of the venue. Among them, the dual requirements of water seepage and water retention on the court have put forward a new test for construction. According to the requirements, after the court is sprinkled with water for 35 minutes, the surface retains an average of 3mm of water, and in any place, The amount of water shall not be less than 2mm. To this end, it is recommended to use a five-layer laying method of lime, coarse asphalt, medium asphalt, rubber particle shock absorption layer, and artificial grass to meet the following basic requirements.

Artificial Hockey Grass Features

Good water retention and permeability;

Strong wear resistance and long service life;

Excellent flatness, anti-aging, and weather resistance;

The grass has high density, no directionality, and maintains the direction of the ball’s movement;

Thickened cushion layer, excellent sports performance, and foot feel;

Environmental protection, no pollution, no fading;

The artificial grass surface is shiny and not dazzling;

There are few seams and no marks.

hockey field

Daily maintenance and maintenance of hockey artificial turf

In order to ensure the quality of the ball and the anti-static requirements of the hockey field, the entire field must be pre-sprinkled before each game. According to the water permeability of the artificial turf, the water can generally be maintained for about two hours. (The International Music Federation stipulates that after 35 minutes of watering, the surface retains an average of 3mm of water, and the amount of water in any part should not be less than 2mm).

Daily maintenance tips:

It is strictly forbidden to bring food (except purified water) into the venue;

It is forbidden to directly contact the lawn with oily, corrosive, and other chemicals;

Sneakers with metal spikes are prohibited;

Prohibit heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic vehicles from entering the venue;

It is strictly forbidden to accumulate heavy objects on the lawn for a long time;

It is strictly forbidden to puncture, strike or cut the lawn with sharp tools and hard objects;

Do not intentionally overturn the bottom and destructively pull the grass line, sew the joint, etc.;

When there is less rainfall, artificial watering can be used to wash away the dirt on the grass;

Appropriately control the frequency of use of the site so that there is enough time to level the site fill (using special equipment or rakes);

Adhere to cleaning and maintenance once a month, and clean the garbage on the site in time (as far as possible to avoid cleaning the site during high-temperature periods);

Always check whether the suture is loose, whether the bottom is damaged, tearing, burning, etc. If there are problems such as degumming and wear, it should be repaired in time.

Hockey Field Construction System – Spraying

Hockey grass product material and characteristics

At present, artificial grass for hockey is mainly divided into PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), and Nylon (nylon).

The advantages of PE polyethylene material

1. Good water retention, water permeability

2. High wear resistance and long service life

3. Excellent flatness, anti-aging, and weather resistance

4. The thickened cushion layer has excellent sports performance and foot feel

PP polypropylene material advantages

1. The terrain of the field becomes less during exercise, and the direction of movement of the ball is maintained;

2. More wear-resistant;

3. Good leveling performance, good anti-aging performance, and high weather resistance.

Advantages of nylon material

1. Good durability and long service life;

2. Good water retention performance, which can effectively reduce the burns of athletes;

3. No directionality, keep the movement direction of the ball.

We can supply hockey artificial grass certified by the International Hockey Association FIH to meet the needs of hosting the Olympic Games, World Cup, and other international events.

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