Learn about the flame-retardant properties of artificial turf.

With the wide popularization, application, and promotion of artificial turf in the market, it is not only used in football, rugby, tennis, hockey, and other sports venues but also widely used in kindergarten construction, municipal greening, family courtyards, other leisure places. Its application range also extends from outdoor sports venues to indoor leisure places, so its safety performance has been paid more and more attention by people.

The main raw materials of artificial turf are mostly polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). The molecular chain contains two elements, carbon, and hydrogen. It is a kind of flammable substance, which is easily caused by high temperature, heat, discharge, etc. fire. Nowadays, many artificial turfs are used in decoration and leisure places. They are relatively close to the crowd and have certain safety hazards. Therefore, flame retardant performance has become an important safety indicator of artificial turf.

The so-called flame retardancy is designed to effectively prevent the spread of flames and reduce the speed of fire after the artificial turf is burned, thereby preventing the entire artificial turf from being ignited in a large area. In order to achieve the flame-retardant properties of artificial turf, flame-retardant components are usually added in the production of grass silk. So what are flame retardants? Flame retardants are chemical additives that can improve the combustion performance of materials, which can effectively reduce fire safety hazards, thereby ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property in daily life, and also prevent fires. The general addition amount is controlled between 10% and 20%. Because the flame retardant itself has non-toxic and harmless environmental protection performance and good compatibility, it can be evenly dispersed in the artificial grass silk, so the flame retardant is added to the grass silk production. The burning agent will not adversely affect other characteristics and product quality of artificial turf.

The artificial turf series products supplied by Mango Sports, the flame retardants, and other additives added in the products are imported high-quality products, which have good thermal stability, thermal decomposition and anti-ultraviolet characteristics, and flame retardant properties. Excellent results. The lawn products have passed the GB/T 14768-2015 carpet burning performance 45° test by the SGS professional testing agency, the EN13501-1 fire performance special test by the FIFA-designated laboratory LABOSPORT, and the high-quality product test by the National Sporting Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, so as to ensure that the factory leaves the factory. All of our products have good fire resistance, improve the safety of artificial turf use, and reduce the risk factor.

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