The upstream and downstream of the artificial grass industry chain (II)

The downstream demand of artificial turf mainly comes from the paving demand of sports venues and home and landscape scenes. The market size of artificial turf mainly depends on factors such as the investment in national and social sports infrastructure, the paving plan of enterprises for landscape scenes, and the willingness and ability of consumers to improve the residential landscape environment. Artificial Grass Importers, Distributors, Dealers, Wholesalers, Installers, Retailers Where are your potential customers located? We have listed some of them.

7. Artificial grass is an alternative to traditional carpet, PVC and floor products. Because of the drainage function of artificial grass, fast drying, anti-ultraviolet resistance, anti-aging, etc., artificial grass is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, replacing other flooring materials. .

8. Government projects, public places, public greening, airports, and synthetic artificial grass are especially suitable for areas with water stress. It is all thanks to the artificial grass’s water-free, maintenance-free, outdoor use, high-traffic trampling, and a design that resembles natural grass.

9. Pet indoor and outdoor training grounds, pet toilets, and home gardens are exclusively for pets. Pet artificial grass with antibacterial design and unique drainage function.

10. Residential artificial grass is growing in popularity as people see its investment value, low maintenance costs and savings on water bills. Artificial grass keeps your home lush and hopeful all year round. If there is enough space in the front and back yards, children’s playgrounds, mini golf greens, basketball courts, tennis courts, etc. can be designed. Artificial grass can be installed on the roof, terrace, and next to the swimming pool.

The range of applications of artificial grass is too broad, far beyond the ones mentioned above. According to data, the market penetration rate of artificial grass is still very low, which shows that the market space and profit space of artificial grass are still huge.
Businessmen who smell business opportunities contact us to join the artificial grass business and make more efforts to save water resources.

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