A few questions of artificial turf carpets ?

Regarding artificial turf carpets,most of us know the advantages of artificial grass, such as: easy care, high usability, comfortable feet, isolation of common pests in the garden, long service life.But do you have fews questions of Artificial turf carpets?

The author sorts out the following issues of concern to many people:

1. Does the artificial turf carpet depreciate the house?

Not necessarily, this depends on the design style of the house itself and the installation and design of the artificial turf. For some houses with a simple style or relics, the natural gardening style is indeed more suitable, but many modern designs, the color and texture of the artificial turf It is more suitable, which is why artificial turf has been widely used in public areas in project home and apartment in recent years.

I have been in this industry for more than 10 years. I have built tens of millions of mansions, all of which used more than 300 square meters. I and the homeowner are very satisfied with the finished effect. Not only did I save a lot of maintenance The workload of gardening also makes the backyard look tidy and organized.

In the category of smaller project homes, almost all the guests are very satisfied, because the visual sense of artificial turf makes the backyard of dozens of square meters look flatter and wider, and the comfortable foot feeling is more suitable for children’s play and relax.

2 Bad smell and too hot in summer?

If you choose a good-quality artificial turf carpet, you can basically feel no smell, but if you are a person who is particularly sensitive to smell, you may have to try the artificial turf in the park before deciding whether it is suitable for you.

The problem of being too hot in summer should be treated differently. The speed and degree of heating depend on the intensity of ultraviolet rays and the time of daylight. It is necessary to avoid the area exposed to direct sunlight in the afternoon as much as possible during installation. If it cannot be avoided, you can consider installing a shade awning or an area close to the shade of a tree or wall.

Of course, I personally feel that if the outdoor temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, we should try our best to avoid outdoor activities. The intensity of ultraviolet rays is very high and it will cause great damage to the skin. More way cool down turf surface, click here.

In fact, the ground of other artificial materials also has the same problem, and everyone has to choose according to their own circumstances.

3 Approximate costs

This is only an approximate estimate, because the workload and material selection of the project are different. If it is included normally, remove the current natural lawn, install the cushion, pave the lawn, fill the surface with sand, and recycle the garbage. The price in Australia is about $65 -$95/sqm including tax, if additional work is required, the price will also be increased.

Here I want to emphasize that try to find a professional installer and learn as much as possible about the relevant knowledge yourself. I found that many builders and landscapers are first-time installers with no experience, and the quality of work is not flattering. If you can’t fix it and can’t do it, go to us to continue working. There are still many DIY friends who lack relevant experience, and the final result is not ideal. I guess that’s why some people think artificial turf is bad.

Finally, to sum up, there are still many personal factors affecting the choice of artificial turf carpets. Everyone has their own preferences. Some people prefer natural turf, while others prefer decking or floor tiles. However, the advantages and trends of artificial turf are quite competitive. .

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