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Will artificial grass accumulate water?

Frankly, poor-quality artificial turf can become waterlogged with poor drainage, so buy artificial grass from a reputable supplier. High-quality artificial grass has drainage holes behind it. As long as it is installed correctly, it can allow the water to flow away quickly, just like a natural lawn will “breathe”. And the artificial turf will not wither, so there is no need to worry about the rotten grass in winter and causing a muddy swamp!

Is artificial turf only suitable for sports fields?

The natural appearance of modern artificial grass means it looks just like real grass and is ideal for many gardens and outdoor spaces, with different types of artificial grass corresponding to different functional areas. mango sports supplies various artificial turf products such as leisure grass, garden grass, roof grass, sports grass, golf grass, etc., which can fully meet your needs and can be laid anywhere you want, and artificial turf will not be affected by pets and children. damaged by damage.

Is artificial grass expensive to maintain?

Generally speaking, the lifespan of artificial turf is 3-10 years, and the lifespan depends on the quality because it does not require mowing, fertilizing continuous maintenance, and sowing. Eliminating these tasks greatly saves your labor costs and time and effort. And artificial grass is energy-saving and environmentally friendly and does not need to spend a lot of water for watering. Especially in summer, artificial turf generally does not need watering, and only needs to be sprayed to cool down on particularly hot days. Therefore, choosing artificial turf is less expensive to maintain in the long run!

Is Artificial Turf Harmful? Will it harm children and pets?

The ingredients of modern artificial turf are PP, PE, PA, and plastic products, which are specially designed for contact with people. The ingredients are stable and safe, and they will not volatilize harmful substances.

In fact, natural lawns use pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals, and can be somewhat more dangerous than artificial lawns. Artificial turf is safer and more durable!

To sum up, artificial turf and natural turf have almost no difference in function, and can even save more cost and energy. Of course, the premise is that you must choose a strong brand of business to ensure quality and safety.

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