7 Astonishing Artificial Grass Decoration Designs

Most people think that artificial turf is only suitable for professional sports or large-scale events, such as artificial turf for football fields, artificial turf for tennis courts, artificial golf greens, etc. In fact, artificial turf is becoming more and more popular both inside and outside the home. Artificial turf provides a lovely, unexpected design element […]

Artificial turf near you

Will artificial grass accumulate water? Frankly, poor-quality artificial turf can become waterlogged with poor drainage, so buy artificial grass from a reputable supplier. High-quality artificial grass has drainage holes behind it. As long as it is installed correctly, it can allow the water to flow away quickly, just like a natural lawn will “breathe”. And […]

The difference between artificial turf and natural turf

We can often see artificial turf in football fields, school playgrounds, indoor and outdoor landscape gardens. Do you know the difference between artificial turf and natural turf? This article talks about. The difference between artificial turf and natural turf Weather resistance: The use of natural lawns is easily limited by seasons and weather, and natural […]

Get a quick look at the origin and development of artificial grass carpets

Although there are many artificial grass carpets near us, do you know the origin of artificial grass carpets? The development of artificial grass has a history of more than 60 years. It first originated in the United States. At that time, because the natural grass under the roof could not grow, in order to solve […]