How to choose the adhesive glue needed for artificial grass installation

In recent years, the artificial turf industry has developed rapidly, and it has been widely used and recognized for its forever green appearance, good performance, long service life, less environmental impact, and lower maintenance costs. Gradually replace natural lawns in various comprehensive sports venues and leisure venues. Artificial turf adhesive glue is very important in the entire artificial turf installation process, and its quality plays a very critical role in the overall use effect of artificial turf.

Artificial turf paved with inferior glue will be prone to cracking, degumming and curling, and warping after a long period of wind, sun, and rain. service life. Therefore, when choosing artificial turf glue, you must choose and use the glue from the four standards of water resistance, weather resistance, adhesion, and environmental protection.

Water resistance

Since most artificial turf is used for outdoor venues, in the face of rain and snow, the use of glue with poor waterproof performance will lead to the degumming of artificial turf and corrosion of the bottom of the lawn. Therefore, when purchasing turf glue, the waterproof performance will directly affect artificial turf. The stability of the lawn bottom.

Weather resistance

The climatic conditions in different regions of the world are different, and the temperature difference is also quite different. Good quality glue has stable high and low-temperature performance, and it is very convenient to use in high-temperature or low-temperature conditions. On the other hand, glue with poor quality is easy to stick at high temperatures and easy to solidify at low temperatures, which will lead to the gluing effect when pasting.

High adhesion

Usually, the service life of artificial turf is about 6-10 years. As an important tool for pasting artificial turf joints, the validity period of glue must exceed the service life of artificial turf. Otherwise, the adhesion is poor, and the joints of the turf are easily cracked and degummed, thus greatly reducing the service life of the artificial turf field.

Environmental performance

When using, you should choose glue that does not contain heavy metals, odors, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals. The selection of glue with substandard environmental performance will lead to long-term exposure to this harmful environment during exercise, thus threatening the safety of sports.

Artificial grass adhesive is divided into one-component and two-component glue. For more details, please click Artificial grass glue.

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